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Dedicated to Lifelong learning

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Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

Am I Eligible?

All Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) programs in Ontario have a list of Learner Eligibility Criteria. This helps both the learner and the program instructors decide if the LBS program is the best one to help develop the essential skills necessary for the learner to reach his or her learning goals.

Learners must:

  • be an Ontario resident
  1. be at least 19 years old (with some exceptions)
  2. need literacy and basic skills to:
    • find or keep a job
    • move on to further education or training
    • meet everyday needs
  3. have competent speaking skills in English
  4. be able to attend the centre for at least 2 hours a week and commit to regular and consistent attendance

Financial Support may be available 

If you are eligible, funding is available for both child care and transportation costs!

Conact us today to see if you qualify!